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Introduction: The aim of this Seminar is to give you a simple and effective strategy for setting and achieving all your well thought goals successfully. This strategy has already been tried and tested by my own business in the UK resulting in a 10 fold increase of profit from one year to the next. In addition many of my clients have also realized great results.

Using a combination of skills learned through advanced studies of NLP, and my own business achievements, I guide you through a series of exercises and logical progressions to help you achieve your greatest goals. Years studying the success strategies of great minds of our time has helped me realize that simplicity is the key to genius, and this helps me to keep you interested enough to learn quickly… and get results fast.

It’s a fun, interactive seminar where you can start setting their goals more effectively as I guide you. I’ll be working on peoples' goals in the Seminar. You can then take home the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Strategy and integrate it into your life at home.

Seminar: Communication Skills

Introduction: The aim of this Seminar is to prove to you that you can build rapport with even the most challenging of individuals – without pretending to like them, or smarm up to them! Once you’ve grasped the concept of meeting people in their own ‘map of reality’ – your ability to communicate more effectively will be radically transformed.

Real Rapport is a skill. We’ve all learned how to use this to an extent but like all skills, the more you practice the more skillful you become. A strong Rapport skill will better your connection with everyone you deal with…and in real estate language that means more exclusives and sales.

The best way to create good rapport is subliminally. It is about honoring the person you are communicating with enough to reflect their physiology back to them. Hence the age old saying "Emulation is the greatest form of flattery." Only 7% of our communication is made up by the words we speak. 38% is the tone we place on those words, and 55% of our communication is through body language. Therefore the greatest part of rapport is in being aware of the other persons body language and mirroring it back to them.

Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s easily learned and it’s called appreciating another person’s ‘map of reality’. Once you develop this skill, it soon becomes a habit to meet whomever you choose in their map of reality. This is the most flattering way of honoring another person. As a result, clients are far more likely to form a bond without needing to be ‘sold to’ or brown nosed.

I’ve been using these exercises in my own real estate business in the UK for the last 3 years and the turnaround in my profits has been phenomenal.

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