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Question: What is a ‘Business Coach’?
- Answer: A business coach is an expert who is hired specifically to help business people get from where they are in business to where they want to be. Kind of like how a athelete uses a personal trainer to help them achieve their peak performance.

Question: How do you do that?
- Answer:
By partnering up with you with one objective in mind. Your success - a good coach should be dedicated to your success. I use a whole series of coaching skills that I’ve studied for years, specifically to work with you.

Question: How do I know that my coach has the skills necessary to help me reach my peak performance?
- Answer:
Research. I’m qualified to an advanced level in NLP skills and I’m also a Coachville Member too. To find out more about top Coaching qualifications you can call the International Coaching Federation on 888-423-3131. Top qualifications are important. Mind you it is also really important that you connect with your coach as a person too. Give us a call for a chat and see how you get on.

Question: Is Coaching a bit like counseling or therapy?
- Answer:
Not exactly. There is an overlap though. Coaching is focused towards helping successful people achieve more in their lives. Therapy is more about helping people who are stuck to become unstuck. The overlap, is that it’s through learning from the past that you can forge ahead in the future.

Question: How long does Coaching take?
- Answer:
Each individual and each situation is completely different, so it’s not easy to give a time approximation. I’ve worked with a client who made a staggering realization within the first 10 minutes of working together. We achieved her outcome in the first session!

One of my mentors believes that anyone who has already made the realization that they could have a better life if they changed, is already 99% of the way there.

Generally I’d expect to meet up with you for a two hour session once a month for between 4-6 months. This way you get to practice the skills you’ll learn. The human mind takes 20/30 days to change a behavior…"Oh no, not homework again!"

Question: How much is each Coaching session?
- Answer:
For our full breakdown on fees please see our fee sheet. Basically, we charge $150 an hour plus travel for a one to one coaching in person and $100 an hour for telephone coaching.

Question: So what’s my next step?
- Answer:
It’s important for you to get specific about what you really want from coaching. We will send you some powerful questions to answer before you even start, to help you get really focused about this. Return it to our office before your coaching session so that we can cover some ground before you arrive.

Above all else it’s important to arrive at your coaching session with an open mind, an eagerness to learn and plenty of determination. I’ll show you some great skills to integrate into your life...It’s your job to learn them.

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