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I specialize in helping business people to achieve their most ambitious goals - and fast. I have a business background in Real Estate and I'm currently living my own dreams, so I walk my talk so to speak.

If you're already achieving goals and yet are looking to achieve even greater heights, then I'm probably the coach for you. In the same way that all serious athletes employ a coach to give them the edge in their sport, so Entrepreneurs, Executives, and small business owners use coaches to help give them an edge.

So What's Coaching All About?

Coaching is a partnership. I'm committed, as your coach, to help you set and achieve your goals. I can also offer you some powerful Communication Skills Training that will transform your interpersonal skills. You use a coach for a similar reason that a mountain climber uses a guide to help conquer the mountain. The Climber's focus, determination and knowledge get them to the top of the mountain. The guide possesses knowledge of the terrain (personal experience), physical strength (support), and technical knowhow (coaching techniques).

As your coach I'll be your partner, mentor, advisor, trainer, and friend wrapped into one. I'll help you stay focused on your goals and help you set new horizons as you draw success to you. I'm an experienced, confident, and friendly 'guide', so I can guide you up the Mountain you choose to climb in a way that you'll really be able to connect with.

Why is my Coaching Effective?

I'm a good listener and I believe in the potential that exists within each of us. But more importantly I want you to succeed, and I won't be satisfied unless you do.

I'm creative, attentive, focused, and I've been trained in probably the world's most effective communication techinques available today. My goal is to be the best possible coach that I can be, thereby being more valuable to you.

That enables me to make real connections with whomever I meet. Behind every human behavior is a positive intention, and through a whole series of skillful techniques (cybernetics) you'll develop new ways to use your mind to create more success.

I look to put myself 'in the shoes' of whomever I'm meeting. That enables me to really honor you. I believe that people can sense when someone is genuinely interested in them, and they'll respond accordingly. That's how great rapport is built.

Throughout my coaching and training you'll build your interpersonal skills. You'll learn key NLP skills, not only improving your office, client, and personal relationships, but also giving you the tools to build the best life balance for yourself.

I believe that whatever you give out in this life you get back - providing you give it unconditionally. Far too often in business people are labeled as Clients, Purchasers, Potential Purchasers, Sales Leads etc. They are often valued for they value offer. For example, for many Real Estate Brokers a purchaser's life is interesting whilst they are a purchaser. They are often put out of mind after the deal is closed. Even though this is not spoken, purchasers often feel it. On average 40% of all of a Real Estate Agent's business comes from referral, making your connections with your customer base all of the more important. Keep in mind that this 40% is an average, and for many brokers this figure is higher - simply because they are better communicators.



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